Monday, March 30, 2015

Gallery Talk: Expressions of Blackness

The gallery talk I attended was "Expressions of Blackness" in February during Black History Month. As seen in these photos, there were some serious issues raised on campus about race. I learned a lot about the SMCM campus through this event. Most notably, the amount of racism on campus when people are able to hide behind anonymity. The YikYaks, as seen above, are crude and disgusting. The Expressions of Blackness gallery installation starts a dialogue with the campus. People are forced to recognize the racism and disgrace that is seen all around our campus and even on social media.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

TADO: Vector Artist

(Merriweather Post Pavilion editorial spread for Animal Collective)
(Large scale mural and characters for the ‘Celebration Europe‘ Star Wars 30th anniversary event in London)


Mike and Katie make up the design duo, better known to the world as TADO. Based in Sheffield, UK, this pint-sized creative powerhouse has produced an endless list of darkly adorable characters, artwork and projects that have terrorized and delighted individuals and clients world wide for over a decade. Started in 2001 when the pair began to work together at university, TADO quickly became an established name through their unique style, humour, illustrations, animations, and toy designs. Everything they do is produced in total collaboration – whether it be taking turns in drawing, painting, drilling, glueing, scribbling or clicking.

TADO is two people, Mike and Katie, based in Sheffield, UK who have a distinct eye-catching style to their vector art. They design mainly posters for bands, concerts, and have large scale clients such as Xbox and MTV. Morphing both colorful imagery with the bizarre, TADO brings to life a new dimension of vector art.

The first piece, a work highlighting the psychedelic nature of the experimental band Animal Collective, has multitudes of themes. The animals on stage reference one of the stage names of members in the band-- Panda Bear. The band prides itself on its unique, strange sound and this piece exemplifies that. The neon colors clash with the strange imagery and the display of a team of animals performing a show. Additionally, the image is referencing Merriweather Post Pavilion--an album by Animal Collective and also a popular concert venue in MD. Overall, the piece creates a strange feeling in me. The cute animals are juxtaposed to their strange environment and attire.