Monday, April 13, 2015

Scott Gelber: Artist Post

VaporWare, 2015, Scott Gelber

Senate, 2014, Scott Gelber

So Below, 2014 - Website to view more works

Scott Gelber's work is important because it represents new media. He's based in Brooklyn, NY and has been making internet art for about 6 years. His aesthetic is perfectly aligned with "web art" and it is intentionally ironic all at the same time. I've been a big fan of his work for many months now and it only keeps getting better. His 2015 work, VaporWare, is a satirization of the newly dubbed genre "vaporwave" which emerged in the 2010s from seapunk and chillwave. The genre is entirely internet-based and relies on edits of other songs to create new music.

Gelber's work is revolutionary because it is geared towards the younger audience (older teens and young adults). Being a young person himself, he understands the importance of gaining a large internet presence. The creation of his internet .gifs are purely aesthetic and are massively popular on tumblr. He doesn't even have his own .com domain, he purely uses Tumblr. Additionally, he makes all of his content exclusively on the internet, for the internet.

So Below, one of his older .gifs, focuses on making fun of the horror film As Above, So Below. It is funny because it is, obviously, a skeleton embracing technology. The absurdism in his art is inspiring and exciting because of how well crafted it is. The skill and time he puts into the .gifs is something very interesting. Overall, I am a really big fan of his work and how funny it is. All of the .gifs I've seen by him are critically engaging and aesthetically pleasing.  

Monday, April 6, 2015

"At its core function, the Internet is a tool for the communication of information, whether factual or fictional. It has allowed us access to knowledge we would have otherwise never known, at a rate that we could have never achieved with printed materials. Each tool that we have developed to spread information has exponentially increased the speed at which it travels, leading to bursts of creativity and collaboration that have accelerated human development and accomplishment. The wired Internetat broadband speeds allows us to consume content so fast that any delay causes us to balk and whine. Wireless Internet made this information network portable and extended our range of knowledge beyond the boundaries of offices and libraries and into the world. Mobile devices have completely transformed our consumption of information, putting tiny computers in our pockets and letting us petition the wishing well of the infoverse."

The website,, brings up a lot of feelings for me. Specifically, the eagerness to explore the internet and "get" what it is is something I resonate with and find myself struggling with often. The entire passage I posted above is really striking and confusing for a few reasons. I agree that we are interacting with a "lifeless machine" in order to get things done, but that does not define what we do on the internet. The internet is used to communicate with multiple people from all over the world for multiple reasons, so I think degrading a computer into a lifeless machine is not conducive to understanding it or appreciating how powerful it is. The internet is special and helpful for many reasons and I think that it's very easy for people to look over it as just interacting with a machine, but the interaction with a machine leads to meaningful interactions with other people.